It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week this month from 12th to 18th March and here at SAM we are all signing up to the challenge to make sure we are hydrated at work!

Hydration at work is extremely important for helping to improve cognitive performance and reduce tiredness and fatigue, all of which can lead to increased productivity. So, to prevent the afternoon slump, why not follow our top tips!

Top tips to stay hydrated at work:

  • Ensure all employees have access to drinking water
  • Drink the recommended daily amount of water – The European Food Standards Agency recommends that men drink 2.5 litres of water per day and women 2 litres
  • Try and consume less drinks containing caffeine
  • Don’t forget fruit and veg contain water and can help hydrate
  • Take a water bottle to work
  • Keep a water bottle with you in the car for travelling between sites
  • Make sure water is available in all meeting rooms
  • Infuse with fruit to spice up your water
  • Avoid dehydrating foods such as those high in sugar and processed foods
  • Use a free app to track water intake – here’s a few we found;

The SAM team will be taking the water challenge in the office. Who will be the champion??? Watch this space. If you need any help with promoting or managing Wellbeing in the workplace, get in touch with the SAM team, we can arrange Wellbeing workshops for schools.

More info – National Hydration Council Factsheet

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