Here are our key facts when discussing and delivering coaching to benefit your organisation:

Key facts for Coaching

1. Coaching is ‘helping’ in order to ‘maximise performance’ because coaching is not about telling someone what to do and the overall aim of coaching is to improve people’s ability to perform a particular task.

2. Part of the coaching process is that you will need a criteria to guide you. This will be a framework of what should happen and when.

3. Set a SMART Coaching aim to ensure that coaching moves forward (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Realistic/Timed).

4. Consider who you are coaching, everyone responds differently to different methods. Ask how they’ve learnt in the past, ask what they enjoy, have a list of options for them to choose from.

5. Key Skills of a coach are:
a. Patience / the ability to put the coachee at ease
b. The ability to plan ahead
c. Vision
d. The ability to see where things are going wrong and why
e. The ability to see how things can be put right
f. The ability to offer feedback which praises and encourages
g. The ability to set clear objectives
h. The ability to respond to the individual being coached and to tailor the approach accordingly
i. Knowing what makes the coachee tick and how they are most likely to learn
j. Knowing when to get other/external help
k. Knowing about the subject in question (bring in sporting coach example)
l. Ability to question and listen effectively

6. Although you may be showing all the physical signs of listening you may still not understand what is being said. Ask questions to clarify what you think you are hearing:-
a. Listen
b. Clarify
c. Analyse
d. Respond

7. Give balanced feedback to give your Coachee a BOOST!
a. B – Balanced
b. O – Objective
c. O – Observed
d. S – Specific
e. T – Timely

8. Remember the benefits of coaching and how these can have a positive impact on individuals, teams and the overall organisation:
a. More effective members of the team
b. Greater level of knowledge and understanding
c. Increased job satisfaction
d. Improved productivity and results
e. Motivated individuals
f. It can be done ‘on the job’ and at a time that suits you
g. It addresses performance problems

If you would like help with coaching in your school our sister company FusionHR can help. They have a coaching programme and specific coaching for senior leaders. Just get in touch with the SAM team on 01924 827869 who will put you in touch with the right person.

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