Meet Harry, Harry has been employed for 15 months. However within that time he has been late on 6 occasions over the past 3 months and 7 occasions of absence (31 days) over the past 12 months.

Harry absence reasons include, a hangover (following a stag do), diarrhoea, general not being well and sickness.

Harry was issued a first warning for Punctuality and a first warning and absence target for absences.

Unfortunately Harry was ill again and had three days absent exceeding his absence target and has been issued further warnings for absences, all of which have been exceeded.

Key points to remember

  • There are two separate issues to deal with, Punctuality and Absences, whilst these need to be dealt with separately they are both a breach of the attendance policy and you will need to review his attendance as a whole when making decisions regarding his continued employment.
  • You must ensure that you carry out return to work interviews for all absences to try and ascertain if there are any underlying issues causing Harry’s high absences.
  • At all meetings with Harry you must remind him of the attendance triggers and the consequences of exceeding these, you must also remind Harry of his responsibility to fulfill his employment contract.
  • If Harry had over 2 years’ continuous employment you must ensure that you follow you attendance policy and procedure for dealing with any attendance issues and issue any warnings in line with this policy
  • As Harry has less than 2 years’ service, you could dismiss based on unacceptable attendance.
  • However you must be careful of disability discrimination and ensure that none of his absences are related to any of the nine protected characteristics.

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