CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report - Key Stats for the Public Sector

CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report – Wellbeing is improving but mental ill health absence is increasing.

According to the recent Health and Wellbeing at Work Report by CIPD and Simply Health issued last month, the focus on wellbeing is increasing. Over half of those surveyed (68%) agreed that wellbeing is on the agenda of the senior leadership team, but there was still a concern that activity is reactive rather than proactive and that line managers are still not getting the necessary training to feel confident managing situations. Read more about the report’s findings and our top tips for managing and preventing stress and mental ill health in schools and academies.

Duchess of Cambridge launches pilot mental health website to help primary schools support pupils

It has been mentioned in the press a lot recently that there are so many children suffering with mental health issues at a young age. In light of this, the Duchess of Cambridge has launched a new website, funded by the Royal Foundation. ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’ is a free website designed to raise awareness of child mental health issues and provide resources for primary schools to use.