Congratulations to our Top SAM Students! Here’s what they had to say….

“We’ve now been using SAM for over a year and it has been a valuable asset to the school. We have managed to reduce our recorded absence for both teachers and support staff from 1520 days to 729 days resulting in a saving of 791 days. This is of great benefit to the school and pupils. We find using SAM helpful and insightful and look forward to continuing to use SAM in 2017.”

Andy Meehan, Business Manager
Lister Primary School

“Using SAM has not only saved us time it has also saved us money. At the end of the first year we found that we had saved 712 days of absence overall across teaching and support staff. This will have helped to reduce supply costs across the school and increase attendance of key members of our teaching staff which is so important to us and our pupils. We would recommend that all schools consider using SAM to help manage absence.”

Joanne King, Senior Deputy Headteacher
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

“We are delighted with how SAM has helped us reduce absence. In the first year, we have increased staff attendance by 49% and saved 279 days of absence. This has saved the school time and money and has helped us to maintain the consistency of teaching standards across the school. We would highly recommend SAM to any school.”

Sandra Barrett, Business Manager
Princeville Primary School

All figures have been collated from data imported into SAM and are therefore presumed to be accurate at the point of publishing. Permission was sought from the schools to share this data for the benefit of improving absence.

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