We’re delighted to share some of the new features coming up in SAM over the next week or so. We’re always listening to your feedback and trying to make improvements that will make absence management even easier. We hope you find them useful.

  • We’ve changed the date format on mail-merged letters so it will now appear as 14 December 2016, saving you time.
  • When you export the dashboard it will now include any Tags you have added to the employee on an open case, so you can easily see this at a glance and save or print the information. This should help you prioritise action too.
  • You now have the ability to add notes (not just attachments) to an employee profile (where there isn’t an open case). This means you can log conversations with staff as well as upload return to work forms etc.
  • When you are setting a target or monitoring round you will be able to select the number of occurrences as well as number of days, or both, helping you to set triggers in line with your Attendance Policy.
  • You can now add custom documents as well as pre-set documents to an employee profile regardless of whether they have a case open, helping you to keep everything in one place.
  • We will be updating the User Roles so that you can have multiple school managers/administrators within one school which is particularly useful if you are using the MAT version of SAM.
  • You can now export a report that shows all your absences as a csv(xlsx) based on a chosen date range. This will give you a start date, end date and number of days absent during the period for each employee. Hopefully soon we will also be able to show costs as well. This is especially useful for Non-SIMS users as you can use this to export your absences for the workforce census and payroll.
  • You can now generate a task from an employee profile regardless of a case being open, allowing you to set little reminders for yourself.

SAM continues to support you and we hope he is making absence management easier for you.

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