1 Do you know the education industry average number of days absence?

a 7.5

b 8.8

c 5.9

2 When should you do a return to work meeting?

a When the employee has asked to have a return to work meeting

b After the employee has returned from being absent (for any period of time)

c The employee has had a lot of time off and you need to discuss it with them

3 When should an employee complete a self-certification form?

a After every absence

b After a long period of absence

c After being asked to do so by the business manager once they’ve hit a trigger

4 When must a fit note be supplied?

a From the first day of absence

b Within 7 working days of absence

c When the employer requests one

5 If an employee goes home sick, when does their absence start from?

a Their first full day of absence

b Once they have left work

c 8:00 am on the day went off sick

6 Should you do a return to work meeting after every absence?


b NO

7 Can an employee return to work when their fit note is still valid?


b NO

8 Should an employer keep in touch with an employee on Long-Term Sick?


b NO

9 Is it acceptable for an employee to inform you of their absence via Text?


b NO

10 If an employee has a fit note for work-related stress, should you not contact them?


b NO

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