1 When does an employee begin to receive Statutory Sick Pay?

a After the fourth day of absence

b After the third day of absence

c After the second day of absence

2 From 6 April 2017, how much is the standard rate of Statuory Sick Pay?

a £89.35 per week

b £87.55 per week

c £88.45 per week

Statutory sick pay depends upon the number of qualifying working days the person is off for. To help work this out use the government online calculator
3 How long will an employee receive Statutory Sick Pay?
a 26 Weeks

b 28 Weeks

c 30 Weeks
4 Are all employees (no matter how much continuous service) entitled to Statutory Sick Pay?

a Yes

b No

You must earn at least £112 (before tax) per week, tell your employer you’re sick before their deadline and/or within 7 days.
5 If you are not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, what can you apply for?

a Employment and Support Allowance

b Sickness Absence Allowance

c Income Support Allowance


6 What exceptions apply? When can you not claim SSP (two are correct)?


a Receiving statutory maternity pay

b Already had the maximum 28 weeks SSP

c Not yet completed 3 months’ service


7 When do you have to submit a fit note?

a After 7 days missed work

b After 5 working days

c Straight away

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