As mentioned last month MPs have been calling for more action on mental health. Mind have since supported this with their latest survey which showed increased levels of mental health in public sector workers.

Mind surveyed 12,000 workers, in both private and public sectors. The survey found that public-sector staff were more likely to feel anxious at work (53% vs 43%) and had more instances where they would class their health as poor (15% vs 9%). Mind said that overall in the public sector there was also less support to encourage staff to speak up about mental health. 61% of private sector workers said they felt supported when discussing mental health issues but this was just 49% in the public sector.

From those surveyed, public sector workers had on average taken 3 days off due to mental health compared with the private sector average of one day. 48% of all public workers surveyed had at some point taken time off due to mental health compared with 32% of private sector workers.

The charity was calling for the Government to assist the public sector with further support, so that organisations could support staff further. Until this happens there are key things that you can do:

  • Offer communication channels – let people know who is there to listen if they have an issue
  • Ask for feedback at 1 to 1s on mental health
  • Look for early warning signs – educate line managers on what to look for
    Offer a peer support or buddying system for new and existing members of staff
  • Offer new training opportunities – learning new skills can boost morale and confidence
  • Arrange team events to encourage support and collaboration
  • Offer a counselling referral service – ask us if you need help with this

If you need further help with managing wellbeing and mental health please speak to one of the friendly team at FusionHR, call 01924 827869. They have a range of supporting services that your organisation and employees may benefit from.


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