School and Academies use various systems and procedures to manage staff performance.  So how does it work when several schools / academies come together to form a Multi-Academy Trust and there is a need to evaluate and monitor the performance of the Trust?

The key measurement for all is student progress.  Data is collected at various points in the year to monitor performance against targets and look at appropriate interventions to meet or exceed targets.  Each school / academy will also have a different method of evaluating staff performance, recording objectives and appraisal information and linking with staff development and pay.

Schools and Academies can retain an individual identity, ethos and culture but do require operational consistency in finance, data systems, policy and HR.  Each Principal must report on the same measures in the same way in order for the Trust to collect a core data set that can be used by governors or trust members to track performance.  This should not be additional to the data collected to evaluate performance locally, the best data sets are streamlined and include performance of students and staff in areas such as attendance, behaviour, turnover and finance.

The data collected in these areas can be used at Trust level to set priorities, plan staffing and deployment of resources and effective CPD to assist improvements across the Trust.  Staff working together across the Trust to improve performance is a strength of a Multi-Academy Trust, the systems and staffing structures must link people management to organisational performance.

SAM’s new MAT dashboard provides a way to easily track and report absence for schools across the trust. Give one of the team a call on 01924 907319 for more information on how to use this or to arrange a demonstration of the software. Our sister company FusionHR, also has a range of training courses that can help support leaders in terms of people management. To find out more or take a look at upcoming events just go to the Fusion website.

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