NASBM’s recent guidance for improving school financial outcomes focused on the following points:

  • Pooling resources as part of Clusters or Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Optimising bought-in services
  • Educating the leadership team on finances and making information available
  • Getting the most from technology in the school
  • Making effective use of leadership time
  • Improving Administration
  • Making admin teams more efficient
  • Developing capabilities for improvement
  • Realising the benefits from improvements

You can access the full report using this link

Using SAM can help!

SAM is online absence management software that helps you to proactively and effectively monitor absence. It pulls through all your existing absence data and produces clear and accurate analysis.

The report stated that reducing meetings and emails was a key point. Utilising a system like SAM means all documentation is stored in one place so it takes less time to prepare for meetings and, because you have all the information you need, meetings are often more productive and therefore take less time.

The NASBM guidance also mentioned new skills in operations and process management to save time and make better decisions. SAM provides you with the information you need to better manage absence. It guides you through the process enabling you to make decisions quicker.

Supporting a staff well-being programme can increase productivity. By implementing a system like SAM that can capture meetings, referrals and appointments, the leadership team can better support the staff when they need it.

Implementing and reinforcing to all staff the dedication to monitoring staff absences can encourage commitment and improve morale of all staff members, as they know that a fair procedure is being applied to every member of staff.

If you are part of a cluster or multi-academy trust, the leadership team can see an overview of all schools in the group, compare and make consistent decisions.

SAM does all the filtering of information for you so you reduce the amount of time that the admin team need to spend on managing staff absence, letting them focus on other important tasks.

Realising the benefits of improvements can be massively important and SAM can help you do that. SAM’s calculator helps you work out your current absence costs and then, after improvement, you can show the reduction that has been achieved. The benefits from the improvement will be seen in staff morale and pupil achievement, with consistent teachers present and in cost savings that can be reinvested into educational support.

It’s a win-win. If you’re not already benefiting from SAM, ask for a free demo today. Call 01924 827869 or email As a client you can also recommend SAM to other schools and receive £50 off next year’s licence fee or training.

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