To reinforce World Mental Health Day on 10th October we wanted to share with you some useful Mindfulness techniques and how they can be used in schools.

The SAM Team recently had the pleasure of participating in one of our sister company’s sessions on Mindfulness. The presenter had extensive experience of working with schools and shared some useful situations where Mindfulness can help reduce work-related stress, bring focus and clarity to situations, assist pupil well-being and overall reduce absence due to Mental Health issues.

Mindfulness is such a powerful tool. The simple ability to be able to control your mind and focus your thinking can affect your well-being, your approach and your health.

For schools and academies, Mindfulness could be used in any of the following situations:

  • Teacher’s struggling with the increasing workload
  • Business Managers being overwhelmed by the different roles they have to fulfill, health and safety, compliance, finance, administration.
  • Pupil’s having difficulties in class
  • A teacher struggling to connect with a pupil
  • Headteachers or members of the Leadership Team having to restructure their team due to budget constraints
  • Staff members suffering from recurring absence
  • Team members who are anxious during absence meetings
  • Team members finding it hard to focus because there is so much to consider

The practitioner sees great results working with both individuals and teams, reducing stress, reducing mind-chatter and increasing their self-awareness and focus.

Here are some of the techniques that you can learn from the session (we picked five but there were many more):

  1. If you feel yourself getting worked up or stressed hold your hand in front of you and run a finger on the opposite hand around the outline of your hand, breathing in and out as you do so.
  2. Make time to laugh, laughter is the best medicine.
  3. If you have nagging thoughts following an event, don’t dwell on them, acknowledge them. Say to yourself, thank you for the reminder but I did my best and move on. The mind likes to be acknowledged.
  4. Stick up a number one somewhere in your office or at home and when you see it, take five minutes to ask yourself if you are putting yourself first.
  5. Use a paper and pen to write down all your thoughts before going to sleep, empty your mind.

FusionHR are holding a number of Mindfulness events over the coming months. Take a look at their website to see if you could benefit. There are events that are free to attend in both Leeds and Barnsley

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