Welcome to the new Prince, born on St George’s Day!

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their third child.

Kate began her maternity leave one month before the royal baby was due as she did with her previous two children.  She returned to work just one month after the birth of Prince George and after the birth of Princess Charlotte, she took 4 months maternity leave.

So what are the statutory rights for maternity leave and pay?

  • Employees must tell you when their baby is due at least 15 weeks before their due date and when they want to start their maternity leave. A MATB1 certificate must be produced which will confirm the due date and allow entitlement to SMP, where applicable
  • Employees can go on maternity leave up to 11 weeks before the baby’s due date and are entitled to up to 52 weeks leave if they wish
  • If the baby is born early, leave starts the day after the birth. Leave will also start automatically if an employee is off work for a pregnancy related illness in the four weeks before the week that the baby is due
  • If an employee qualifies for SMP, this is paid for 39 weeks. Employees may also be entitled to additional maternity pay or allowance depending on your policy
  • Employees must take at least two weeks off following the birth
  • During maternity leave 10 keeping in touch days can be agreed
  • Employee are entitled to Shared Parental Leave and your policy should cover this
  • To change the date of returning to work, employees should give 8 weeks’ notice (or the notice stated in your policy).

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