SAM is always promoting ways to improve wellbeing and promote a healthy workplace. We wanted to share some top tips for how you and your team can look after yourselves this winter, making sure absence is reduced and nobody suffers with “Winter Blues”!

  1. It might be useful to set up a flu clinic to encourage staff to have flu jabs. This will reduce staff absence.
  2. As the season for colds draws near make sure everyone keeps their Vitamin C levels up.
  3. Make sure that staff take regular breaks within the working day. Even taking a breath of fresh air will help to clear the mind and leave everyone feeling refreshed.
  4. Spend time with people you care about most. Being sociable can reduce stress as “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Also, it can help to talk about fond and happy memories to boost morale.
  5. Encourage regular exercise as it helps to release feel good endorphins. These endorphins will help to reduce the perception of pain, improve mood and create positive feelings.
  6. Keeping a healthy, balanced diet will help people to feel better about themselves. Eating well increases energy and provides vital vitamins for the body. Make sure to speak to a professional if you think there might be any vitamin deficiencies.
  7. Sleep is essential for feeling revitalised and ready for the working day. In order for this to happen you need to have at least 8 hours sleep. Having a routine where you go to bed early every night can make major positive improvements to working life.
  8. Make sure that everyone keeps hydrated by making water available. Everyone should drink 6-8 250ml glasses of water daily.
  9. Reward yourself when achieving small goals. If you set targets it will help to improve your mood by feeling you have achieved a lot within your day.
  10. Breathing exercises can reduce stress and help to improve wellbeing as you are taking time out to focus your mind and relax. Also, listening to relaxing music or even music that you enjoy can increase your mood.

Improving wellbeing benefits everyone as both morale and productivity can improve. If you need help improving wellbeing by offering counselling services, occupational health, CBT, wellness evaluations or training please get in touch on 01924 907319.

You may also want to register for our sister company’s free Mindfulness events in Leeds and Barnsley. Click on the links to book.


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