To support staff who have been off sick or are experiencing mental health issues you can consider a number of adjustments to work life. Below we have listed some of the adjustments you could consider as a starting point, however, every situation and employee will be different, and we would advise that you speak to your HR advisor in the first instance to discuss the options and agree an approach.

  • Consider a phased return to work
  • Consider the possibility of flexible working
  • Review their job role and responsibilities to see if anything can be adjusted to help
  • Review working patterns, days and hours
  • Discuss a phased approach for returning to full duties – could some tasks be covered initially
  • Consider what adjustments could be made to their working environment to help. This could include noise, plants, music, partitions, re-arranging furniture, changing offices, access to light for example.
  • Consider their journey to work and if there is anything that could reduce hassle – car-sharing, parking for example.
  • Review whether staff members have an area to go when they need to let off steam
  • Make sure all staff are aware of the support available and how they can access it
  • Allow more breaks if possible
  • Review any policy or contract changes needed with your HR Advisor
  • Check all Health and Safety assessments have been reviewed and completed. Does anything need adjusting to ensure all employees are safe.
  • Review any targets or development plans to see if they are still achievable or need adjusting
  • Is mediation needed to resolve any outstanding issues?
  • Consider opportunities that could be offered for skills development to help in their role
  • Would being assigned a mentor help?
  • Arrange regular one-to-ones to check on progress
  • Discuss how appointments will be taken and whether leave will be paid or unpaid
  • Consider how you will deal with any time spent in hospital, review your policy to confirm how you should approach this and discuss with your HR Advisor.

Remember, you as the employer have a legal responsibility to consider adjustments and support wellbeing. If you need help with the return to work process or anything in relation to adjustments please get in touch with your HR Advisor or give our sister company, FusionHR, a call on 01924 827869.

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