There has been a lot of coverage in the press recently about the amount schools have been spending on supply cover. The survey, carried out in December 2015 by the Department of Education, looked at total expenditure of schools 2014-15 and how that was broken down. What it showed was a decrease in overall expenditure, showing that schools are making cost savings and working more productively and efficiently. Here at SAM, we know that our schools are working towards this, using SAM to decrease absences, reducing supply costs and absence-related costs and better investing the money elsewhere.

The report did however show some areas for concern. Out of the total expenditure for schools in England of £24bn, £237m was spent on supply cover for staff and £152m on insurance for supply staff. £12.5m was spent on therapies and other health related services and over £129m spent on the Education Psychology service by Local Authority maintained schools*. The importance of establishing a well-being strategy for your staff and monitoring staff absence was clearly highlighted.

So how you can save money on absence and supply costs?

  • SAM flags up absences early so action can be taken to prevent lengthy or regular periods of absence and increase the well-being support for the staff member, getting them back to work quicker. This directly reduces absences and supply costs.
  • SAM’s reporting suite provides comparisons across terms, departments and schools, enabling you to make more proactive decisions about how to tackle any issues.
  • The SAM system guides you through the absence process so everyone is treated fairly and consistently, helping to reduce the risk of discrimination claims.
  • SAM automates the process of tracking staff absence, reducing administration time and enabling your team to focus on other important tasks.

If you’re not already benefiting from SAM, ask for a free demo today. Call 01924 827869 or email As a client you can also recommend SAM to other schools and receive £50 off next year’s licence fee or training.

*Source: LA and school expenditure: 2014 to 2015 financial year

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