SAM is great for education standards.

It helps you to raise standards by proactively improving staff attendance.

It’s a big claim, but one that stacks up. With SAM helping you manage staff absences more effectively you can deal with absences more proactively and with less disruption. And less disruption leads to better morale for staff and students. Better morale and better staff attendance leads to better results.

  • Gives you powerful insight into absence trends / absence issues from a suite of management reports and automated trigger list.
  • Helps to get staff back to work speedily.
  • Helps you to make more informed cover and sickness management decisions.
  • Empowers department managers to deal more effectively with attendance matters by having better visibility of absence within their team.

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SAM saves time.

SAM is automated and imports direct from SIMS. There’s no more manual tracking of trigger points, reducing admin time. It will even let you know when action is needed. And the best bit, SAM’s simple to set up and easy to use.

  • No more need to track absences using complicated spreadsheets.
  • SAM automates the laborious task of trying to work out triggers from spreadsheets.
  • You’ll spend less admin time dealing with sick leave, paid and unpaid leave.
  • SAM is web-based and it’s intuitive enough to use straight away.

SAM saves money.

Interested in savings costs? Who isn’t? That’s why SAM makes for a great investment. It’s a better, simpler and more automated way to manage absences. You’ll spend less time bogged down in absence admin, and recent trials show that this open, transparent and organised approach can reduce absences and supply costs. And all for an affordable annual licence with hosting, back ups, upgrades and support thrown in for free.

  • Reduces your costs by cutting out administration time.
  • By reducing sick / leave days, SAM will help you to reduce absence costs and supply costs.

SAM reduces absences.

Absence triggers can be managed so much easier with SAM, it will give you access to impartial evidence to help you make informed decisions on what to do next.

  • Reduces sick days by more proactively and consistently managing absences.
  • A simple calendar will highlight sickness, paid and unpaid leave allowing you to spot trends.
  • A full case history will show you employee absence during the last 12 months and the actions / case management completed and underway.
  • Better trigger point management provides you with evidence to tackle poor performance and/or manage your duty of care.
  • SAM will show you current and historical information.
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SAM overview video