Share this with your employees to help everyone benefit from a great workplace and good wellbeing.

  1. Make sure you take a break – preferably where possible get some fresh air.
  2. Reward yourself. As you complete your jobs, reward yourself. This may just be a simple tick sheet or a cup of tea but the sense of achievement all helps your wellbeing.
  3. Spend time with people. Why not consider a joint activity with colleagues, a walk or stretch. Could you go running with colleagues before or after work? We took up the plank challenge here at SAM to see who could hold it the longest each day. It was a bit of fun and it helped everyone start the day!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If you feel overwhelmed with an issue or workload or need to discuss development to feel a sense of achievement, make sure you discuss it with your line manager.
  5. Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins. These are chemicals your body produces that interact with your brain and reduce your perception of pain, improve your mood and create a positive feeling.
  6. Try the 5 minute challenge. Choose a set time each day where you take 5 minutes to just do nothing. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing, sit down with a cup of tea, go for a walk but do something that is just about you and your thoughts for just 5 minutes.
  7. It is proven that music can help you relax, as long as it is the right kind of music. Pick carefully if the music is playing in an office, staff room or break out area. The wrong music can make people anxious and affect concentration. You need to pick something that is easy on the ears, will appeal to the majority and won’t offend people. Not so easy, but worth it if you can get it right.
  8. Take a different route or mode of transport to work occasionally or share the journey with someone. Having a change of scenery or a conversation can improve a monotonous commute.
  9. If you work at home, try and have a separate area for work so that when you want to relax you can walk away from that environment.
  10. This one is our favourite – Have a dump list! Before you leave work or go to bed, write a list for the next day of what you have got to do. It empties your head ready for you to relax.

Improving wellbeing benefits everyone as both morale and productivity can improve. If you need help improving wellbeing by offering counselling services, occupational health, CBT, wellness evaluations or training please get in touch on 01924 907319.

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